Artist’s statement (s)

Image across featuring William Burroughs and Frida Kahlo.

I am the same age as Damien Hirst, both our dads were motor mechanics (his stepdad), and in his studio, he appears to have the same bin as me from Wilko – though I have the red one.

I see my art as taking people on a journey. Or for a ride, depending on how you look at it.


“RTFM is an initialism and internet slang for the expression “read the fucking manual” – typically used to reply to a basic question where the answer is easily found in the documentation, user guide, owner’s manual, man page, online help, internet forum, software documentation or FAQ”. Wikipedia

Full mental health and social care documentation will be available soon.

Privacy (GDPR)

I am going to sell your personal data to buy beautiful art books. If you’re so witless that you still don’t know what cookies are, you deserve to be ripped off.