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Monday 15 January  2018: Bark on local trees. It’s funny the things I notice when I am up to leaving the flat. Look at the diverse range of bark on the trees in my street. I wonder if parky types at the Borough picked the trees so that we’d have an array of textures and colours at which to marvel?

Those bastards from the V&A are also getting in on the act. Their exhibition, Into the Woods: Trees in Photography, runs to Sunday 22 April 2018 (link to the V&A website).

I’ll go to this exhibition the next time I feel equal to running the gauntlet of the motley collection of misfits who guard the V&A.


The Coach and Horses, Soho, London

Sunday 7 January 2018: Schizosomething is Unwell. (blog post on Schizosomething).


Patti Smith podcast

Thursday 4 January 2018: Patti Smith, interviewed by New York Public Library, on youth, friendship and artistic inspiration (link to SoundCloud).

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Brompton Cemetery angel and trees using Snapseed double exposure feature. Photos taken with my iPhone, December 2017.

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