Psychotic & proud

It’s not embarrassing to talk about psychosis. Thirty years ago people thought it was embarrassing to talk about cancer, now there are adverts on the telly and people can’t shut up about it. You’d think psychosis was inherently tumultuous but it’s often very tedious, predictable even. That said, in explaining it here I’ll try not to make it too boring.

This page was meant to be an in-depth look at my psychosis but I ended up going off on all sorts of tangents. It will give a brief introduction to my symptoms, my medication. my relations with The Staff, my education and brilliant career, my adventures in homelessness and my heretical views on mental health and work.

It’s much-delayed but will be worth the wait. Now to be ready by Saturday 30 October, when there should also be a new blog post.

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Featured image: Evening (after Millet) oil on canvas74.2 cm x 93.0 cm, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, October – November 1889.

This painting, which shows an image of calm, was completed after a period of madness Van Gogh experienced. See the text on the Van Gogh Museum website for the full background on how Van Gogh came to produce this work.

More details of Van Gogh’s struggles with mental illness on (Twitter).

Note that I am not comparing myself to Van Gogh other than being a bit mental.


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