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The most recent content on is my updated unofficial patient history (November 2018). I have tidied this up ahead of launching my mental state examination podcast, which is coming soon.

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Tate Modern swinging ball

Sunday 1 April 2018: I had a rare symptom free day: no visual hallucinations, no belief that people are listening to my thoughts or trying to control my thoughts, I even felt relaxed walking amongst the crowds at the Tate Modern gallery. Of course, on days like these, I immediately start to think I’m a fraud, a phoney, not mentally ill, I should pull myself together, etc. Apparently, this happens to a lot of people. I have one day like this every six months, but I always convince myself that I’m perfectly well.

The video on Instagram of a swinging ball, part of a, “playfully subversive installation”, by the Danish artists’ collective SUPERFLEX.


Into the woods exhibition, the V&A.

Saw Into the Woods: Trees in Photography at the V&A: themes included solitude, quietness, the forest as a place of seclusion and a private realm in which to withdraw – definitely my sort of thing.

Old Henri Cartier Bresson got in on the act, but instead of capturing life on the move, as he is usually remembered for, he created images of stillness with trees.

One day I didn’t feel able to go very far, I took photos of the bark on trees in my street (previously posted on Instagram).

(Links to the exhibition webpage & my Instagram).


Fourth plinth Trafalgar Square

Not so keen on the current fourth plinth statue in Trafalgar Square, as Thea Lucina (Instagram) observed, along with Nelson, Trafalgar Square is getting a bit phallic.

I was a massive fan of Marc Quinn’s Alison Lapper Pregnant.

(Alison Lapper’s website).

In The Sunday Times, Waldemar Januszczak wrote, “What a huge blow was struck for issues of disability by Quinn’s moment of sculptural genius”.

I know I’m a mental patient, but it sometimes feels like I have a physical disability, partly as a result of being mostly housebound through psychosis, but also because of the exhaustion caused by the mood-stabilizer sodium valproate.

(Links to Marc Quinn’s website & Alison Lapper’s website).


Monochrome exhibition sign

Went to the Monochrome Painting in Black & White exhibition at the National Gallery with Thea Lucina (Instagram) on Monday. It finishes Sunday 18 February, but I’m sure the webpage will still be there.

We also visited The Actors’ Church in Covent Garden and had a discussion about the harmfulness of psychiatric medication and whether bipolar, schizophrenia etc. exist.

(Link to the National Gallery website & The Actors’ Church website).


Votes for Women

Wednesday 7 February 2018: I know that feminism is getting completely out of hand and everything, but I really enjoyed the Votes for Women exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) and donated £5 to the feminazi fund to restore the portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, adventurer, poet and medical pioneer (amongst other things she introduced smallpox inoculation to Western medicine from one of those backward Muslim countries).

Sadly I haven’t been able to get it together to visit the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition before it closes. The website will still be there and you can see the exhibitions and winners from previous years.

(Links to NPG website).


Cezanne in National Portrait Gallery shop

Friday 26 January 2018: Went to the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) to see the Cezanne Portraits exhibition. It’s on until 11 February, (Links to NPG website).



Monday 15 January  2018: Bark on local trees. It’s funny the things I notice when I am up to leaving the flat. Look at the diverse range of bark on the trees in my street (on my Instagram). I wonder if parky types at the Borough picked the trees so that we’d have an array of textures and colours at which to marvel?

Those bastards from the V&A are also getting in on the act. Their exhibition, Into the Woods: Trees in Photography, runs to Sunday 22 April 2018 (Link to the V&A website).

I’ll go to this exhibition the next time I feel equal to running the gauntlet of the motley collection of misfits who guard the V&A.


Patti Smith podcast

Thursday 4 January 2018: Patti Smith, interviewed by New York Public Library, on youth, friendship and artistic inspiration (link to SoundCloud).

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The Institute of Psychiatry, taken with my trusty iPhone 5s, June 2018.

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  1. Thanks for your blog and the wry London huma… autocorrect tried to change wry to way…Why?? Could you visit a JAmes Joyce site, since you went to Blake’s grave? I am reading Finnegans Wake. Now that is schizosomething. … I live in Midland, ontario, near a big mental hospital. It ain’t london, guv. No Soho here. No Groucho Club, just Grouchy so and so like me. Cheers.

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