I can’t even be bothered

Think I’ve overdone it. Will have to take it easy for a week or two. I’m far too mental for a job – you wouldn’t want me in your workplace – and not consistently coherent enough for freelancing. I live off state handouts: benefit scrounging scum! You probably think it’s outrageus, schizos lolling about in art… Continue reading I can’t even be bothered

NHS appointments (Jesus Christ!)

It’s not just junior doctors shooting-up in the toilets and nurses weeping on the wards, the whole of the NHS is in crisis. I have been trying to book appointments. That’s why my blood pressure is so high. I received a letter from the GP asking me to book an appointment for an annual Mental… Continue reading NHS appointments (Jesus Christ!)

Black Country memories

I wanted to post this image last week for #BlackCountryDay It’s Dudley castle with lime kilns, David Cox. c.1830s. The image is from the British Museum. Unfortunately, you can’t immediately download images from their website. You first have to register with them, then apply for a specific image and then wait at least 48 hours to receive it by email.… Continue reading Black Country memories

A whole new me

The few people who regularly visit this site will see that there’s a whole new look. I’m revamping a charity’s website so I thought I’de give this blog a makeover. I’m only going to update occasionally. I’m abandoning the mental health stuff – it’s depressing – and instead concentrating on visual arts. I’m attending a lot… Continue reading A whole new me