Mental state examination podcast

An irregular podcast examining my mental state. Coming very soon.

Patient history

Male. 53. London. Working-class. I like art & literature.

I have Schizoaffective Disorder (a combination of Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Obligatory idées fixes include Neasden, nits, and Brexit (obviously).

I have been a rough sleeper and have an impressive homelessness portfolio including Soho streets, hostels, B&Bs, derelict buildings, squats, road traffic islands (seriously), local authority temporary accommodation etc.

I have one O level (Geography, Grade C).

I fancy myself as a bit of an autodidact. More Ernest Hemingway/Frida Kahlo* than Adolf Hitler.

I have been a voluntary sector playboy, writing fundraising applications for small charities and community groups and undertaking web design.

There are several pieces of writing I’m working on which I hope to publish here after Easter 2019.

Influences and inspirations include A A GillAmineh Abou KerechKathy Acker, Katherine Mansfield’s Bliss, the over-reliance on white vans in this analysis of the film Taxi Driver, William Burroughs on the subject of regret (22 second Youtube video), Laura Pidock MP, (though one of my closest friends is a Brexit bonkers member of the Conservative Party), Leicester Square, trust fund girls putting tomato ketchup on their salad in the world’s oldest museum restaurantBEING REMINDED ABOUT THE WAR IN YEMEN, the Seagram Murals, the Junior Anti-sex Leaguereverse engineering, that Youtube video of some teenage girls recreating Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights with farting noises, Katherine Mansfield’s Bliss#WildFlowerHour, Katherine Mansfield’s BlissAmineh Abou Kerech, and Lance Arthur’s seminal work, (especially 1998 to 1999).

Please note I’m going to punch the next person on Twitter who calls me a hipster: apart from being 53, I have a proud industrial working-class heritage. One of my favourite accounts on Instagram is @blackcountrytype.

*You can’t throw a stick in the air at the moment in South Kensington without it hitting someone talking about Frida Kahlo. I was citing her as an inspiration on this website long before the V&A started selling Frida Kahlo yoga mats.

Featured image

Centaur and Lapith locked in combat, metope from the south side of the Parthenon, about 477-438 BC. Taken at the British Museum exhibition Rodin & the Art of Ancient Greece with my trusty iPhone 5s, June 2018.

The day I saw this exhibition I was experiencing a bad episode of dysphoric mania. The show was on the far side of the Museum, which was packed so I had to kill a load of Japanese school children just to get in. I was fine once I started communing with myself, with Rodin egging me on. But then, this is why I love going to art galleries (well, apart from trying to pull a posh bird). Standing in front of something that’s beautiful or something that makes you think works for me.

Read this brief Archaeologies of the Greek Past to find out more about what total bastards the centaurs were.